Helle Gade is a modern-day Danish Viking. She suffers from a chronic illness and all the delights that come with it, so she self-medicates with liberal amounts of chocolate.

When she started writing poetry in 2011, she found a perfect outlet for all her bottled-up emotions, and since apparently there were plenty, she has published numerous poetry collection since then, with more coming. Her book Nocturnal Embers won the Best Poetry Collection with eFestival of Words.

She loves staying up all night immersing herself in the wonderful worlds of books. When she's not buried in a book, she is busy with photography and book blogging.

Her incredible talent and the ability to intricately weave words to bring forth the atmosphere and the feel of the stories inspired us to add her beautiful poems to each and every single one of our books and stories.

You can find all the books by Helle Gade here https://books2read.com/BDP-Helle-Gade