Fractured Queendom Trilogy




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Princess of Stone (Fractured Queendom Trilogy Book One)

In a broken world the small Kingdom of Chardour fights for survival. Desperate to form alliances before neighboring kingdoms devour its riches and people, the princess – left alone after a tragic accident – strikes a deal at great personal cost.

Never meant to rule, Eliza has little time to learn, and even less time to accommodate her grief, if she wants to step up and lead her Kingdom.

Can she unify her divided people and keep them safe from the brewing war around them? Or will her lack of experience, coupled with her unorthodox lifestyle cut her reign short?


Coming 23 August 2022





Queen of Marble (Fractured Queendom Trilogy Book Two)


Coming 21 June 2023



















Empress of Obsidian (Fractured Queendom Duology Book three)


Coming 18 June 2024