DAZED designs

DAZED Designs, graphic design, Butterdragons



DAZED designs was founded by Natasha Williams in 2019 and she takes 
pride in creating high-quality products with her own magical spin on 
them. From our book covers to our book trailers, and everything in 
between, she brings our vision to life and to the eyes of our readers. 
Whatever she creates it inspires our authors and readers alike to get 
lost in a world that is as unique as her designs.
Though Fantasy, Science Fiction and Surreal photo-manipulation are her 
specialties, there is no end to her talent and design skill. Working 
with her over various projects and seeing her artistic abilities first 
hand, it has made it impossible for us to look elsewhere for our design 
needs. Butterdragons Publishing looks forward to a long relationship 
with DAZED Designs and cannot wait to see what her wonderful mind comes 
up with in the future.