Goran Jese

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Goran Jese was born in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he stayed there until he finished high school. He then moved to the University of Zagreb, Croatia, to study Electrical Engineering. He found employment and stayed in Zagreb after he graduated, and next to Power Engineering, he continued to expand his knowledge in the area of strategic management, and planning and directing development. He spent his entire working career in various departments of KonĨar, Electrical Engineering Company, being a part of many significant projects, and carrying out supervisory roles.

Once he finally achieved his well-deserved retirement, Goran Jese discovered an affinity for writing non-fiction, ranging from socio-political essays to short stories and anecdotes, with versatile topics that cover his versatile interests, some of which are available in his published works.

Year 2022 marks a fiftieth anniversary of his marriage with his wonderful wife. They have two amazing sons and two delightful grandchildren. In his spare time, he loves going to his little house on the mountain next to Zagreb and spending time with his dog Garo.

You can find all the books by Goran Jese here https://books2read.com/BDP-Goran-Jese