Available today - Lorelei - Portrait of a Siren by Melody Calder

Available on all platforms – Lorelei - Portrait of a Siren by Melody Calder


A beautiful romance that transcends time. Lorelei is a touching story of how people will go to any lengths for those they love.

An immortal love cursed through time, and the hope that this time it might be different.


Desperate, I risked everything to save the woman I loved, and now in return she is reborn again and again, never remembering the love we share. Each time I find her, I hope it will be different, only to have the same fate await us and our love is lost like her siren song in the wind. That is, until now.

She is different this time, everything is different. The memories of our past together begin to surface and I vow that I will stick by her no matter the cost to myself. Her heart is beginning to open to me, and to our love. Will I do what it takes this time to not only save her, but to save our love? Can the curse be broken at last?


The chance of a lifetime arises at work and leaves me humming with excitement. The opportunity to study one of the most beautiful and mysterious pieces that has puzzled the artworld for centuries. With it, comes world-renowned curator, Klaus, and his many secrets.

From the moment he shows up with the painting, more and more dreams flood my every thought, to the point that I think I’m losing it. Klaus seems to understand though, and somehow, his presence makes me feel comforted and uneasy at the same time. There is something that he’s not telling me, but what I can’t figure out.

There is something about this man, and this painting, that call to me in the strangest of ways, and I am beginning to think that there’s more to my dreams than what’s on the surface.

Will I find the answers I know are there, or will the art that haunts my dreams be my undoing?

28 February, 2021 -