Available on all platforms – Sinfully Yours by Melody Calder

Available on all platforms – Sinfully Yours by Melody Calder

Secret workplace heated romance to spice up your life!

When you are broke, desperate, and have nowhere left to go, what would you be willing to risk?
Left by her no-good, ex-fiancé, Kami finds herself with a mountain of debt, crashing on her best friend's couch and no hope in sight. Even with her education, her career has stalled, and it's not looking good for her. The only upside in that department is her hot as sin, but off limits, boss.
A chance meeting changes everything for her though, and she finds herself thrust into a new risqué world that gives her everything she thought she lost. Self-confidence, money, and more importantly, her independence.
Just as things start to look up for her, she finds herself torn between a job she loves, a career she dreams of, and a man who she is very attracted to.
What is she willing to risk, when there is so much to lose? And will she make the choice before it's too late, and the decision is no longer in her hands?


15 January, 2021 -