Sakura's Debt

Sakura's Debt, Everly Taylor, Butterdragons   

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The God’s do not easily forgive, nor do they forget. It didn’t mean it was impossible, but to get back in their good graces was nearly that. They didn’t care that I had been deceived by the Monkey King, only that I had failed them, and for that, they intended to make me pay.

Once one of their most trusted, I was now nothing more than someone left on the Earth to count her remaining days to the end. Every year I searched for answers, to find away to right my mistake. And each year I came up empty handed, another petal lost, marking the end of my time.

Even with his treachery, the Monkey King was insistent on our friendship, but I had learned my lesson having been burnt by him before. He was the reason I was here, the reason I was desperately searching for answers before it was too late.

The monk changed everything though. I knew he held the answers that I needed, and despite his hesitation, I knew he would help me. This year, my last, was different. Hope hung in the air and I felt rejuvenated, ready to make this final year the one that I earned my forgiveness from the Gods. The year my debt was paid.


Coming 4 January 2021