For the Love of Death

For the Love of Death, Everly Taylor, Butterdragons   

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The idea of death terrifies most people. The unknown, or what comes after. For me, Death was not an idea. Death was not scary. I had met him, touched him, and he broke my heart.

My whole life I had been told I imagined him. He was a way my young mind coped with a difficult time in my life. I thought I had come to accept that. To move on.

That was until my life became consumed by him again. Painting him at all hours of the night, focused on comparing him to everything and everyone around me. He was fake.

Until he wasn’t.

Death was real, and he was a man. A very real man that confused and infuriated me all at the same time. Just as before, he entered my life, and left  everything upended, only questions in his wake. This time, though, I wasn’t just giving up. Come afterlife or not, I was getting answers.


Coming 7 September 2021