Viola, Isobella Dunn, Butterdragons

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When your dream comes crashing down around you, what do you do next?

Meghan had studied and practiced her entire life to get to this point.
First chair violist in one of the top orchestras in the world. It
wasn’t without sacrifice though, she isolated herself from friends and
family, endless hours of practice until she could all but play in her
sleep. The music was enough.

A tragic accident changes all of that though, and leaves her unable to
play, nursing an injury that her doctors are not sure she will ever
fully recover from and dependent on people she would rather distance
herself from.

Lost in depression and self-pity she isolates herself in her apartment,
knowing that she will never sit in front of a stage to play again. That
is, until the deep sound of a cello resonates to her through the thin
apartment walls. It calls to her, a beacon of hope that slowly draws her
out, until at last she becomes determined to play again, no matter the

With a new resolve she returns to the orchestra, and enlists the help of
the conductor, willing to do whatever it takes to regain her seat. As
she progresses though, so do the seemingly to coincidental accidents and
she begins to fear that her original injury was more than she originally

Someone had it out for her, and bad. Would she be able to find out who,
and why, before it was too late? Or would she lose not only her lifelong
dream, but the dream to one day meet the cellist next door that had
inspired her to find herself again?


Coming 13 July 2021