The Aardon Chronicles

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Book One - The Portal to Aardon

All his life, Marko thought he was just an average teenage boy, but after a series of inexplicable events, he discovers he has fire magic. Not only that, but he learns that he comes from another realm!

Nothing is as it seems and all of a sudden, finding a date to the Homecoming dance doesn’t seem so important anymore.

Torn away from his mundane everyday life, Marko is thrown into the world of magic, mythical creatures, and ancient wars – all leading to the portal only he has the power to open.

Between fighting an evil warlock and desperately trying to harness his newly found powers, Marko has more than his work cut out for him.

Will he be able to rise to the challenge and save the people of Aardon?



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Book Two - The Ashes of Ignis

After narrowly escaping demise in the Earth realm, Aardon seems like a much safer option, but again, not everything is at is seems.

Strife for power is ongoing and tensions are high between the mages of Aardon and the newly returned ones from Simmerton, while the rightful leadership of Eldur is being disputed.

Marko’s resolve is tested yet again, as he sets out to befriend a mysterious yet powerful druid, whose unique ability could unlock the answer to reopening the portal and stabilising the tensions on Aardon.

Will Marko be able to unite all the mages and prevent the brewing war?


Coming 19 December 2023






Book Three - The Blood of Brimstone

Just when Marko hoped everything would be finally in order, and he would be able to enjoy his newly acquired privileges as a full-fledged mage, life throws another curveball at him. Apparently, in Marko’s world, defeating a villain does not guarantee a peaceful life.

A new villain surfaces, more powerful and more ruthless, striving to rule all of Aardon, and determined to rid the realm of anyone who defies his authority.

The only hope for Marko’s people lies within the last dragon of Aardon and his unique powers.

Will Marko be able to overcome his greatest challenge yet and save the people of Aardon once more?


Coming 10 September 2024