Songs of Her Heart

Songs of Her Heart, Everly Taylor, Butterdragons



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When life gives you a second chance, do you take it? Or run?

A tragic accident leaves Caitlyn as a single mom, struggling to raise a rebellious teen and a young son all on her own. Just as she is at her wits end and ready to toss it all in, she is given a lifeline. One in the form of a ranch in Texas. Deciding it is just the escape they need, her small family moves halfway across the country only to find that now, she has much more to deal with than she bargained for.

Her persistent, attractive, and infuriating neighbor, who makes her feel things she never thought she could again. A wild mustang that calls to her heart and teaches her about herself in ways she never imagined. And a mystery surrounding her uncles’ death, that could be deadly for them all if they don’t figure it out, before it’s too late.

Will she trust in herself, and in love again? Or will her stubborn Irish ways make her lose everything she never knew she hoped for?




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