Snowfall Whispers

Snowfall Whispers, Melody Calder, Butterdragons

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Happily ever after was a thing for storybooks but it didn't stop a girl from hoping. In the meantime, Lauren was content with her job as a ski instructor at the small town of Bethel’s only major employer, the Northern Lights Ski Resort.

Her job was always filled with new faces, and this season was no exception. What she didn’t expect to find was one student who lacked any coordination but still managed to sweep her off her feet.

They say life imitates art but this wasn’t true for Mike, a successful romance author. He’d given up on finding love especially after his career took off. The millions of fans wanted the characters in his books, not the introverted man he was.

What he didn’t expect was to find a woman who didn’t know who he was and made him question everything he thought he knew about affairs of the heart. The stunning red-head made him believe in the love at first sight he always wrote about. When the time came and his vacation was over, could he really leave her behind?

Coming 6 December 2022