Silence of the Hunter

Silence of the Hunter, Everly Taylor, Butterdragons


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There are Hunters, then there’s my family. A long line of born Hunters, with special abilities to enhance our tracking skills. To rid the world of the blood sucking filth that crawled upon it. It was the only thing we have ever known, and the only thing we ever will.

Our abilities came with a price though, one that none of us minded, it just made us different. All of us were deaf. My entire life I had not heard a single sound. That was until he came along.

One of the ancients.  A vampire that I was sworn to kill if ever given the chance. Despite his sudden interest in me, I couldn’t bring myself to do it though. Not without knowing why.

To make matters worse, things heat up with my best friend and now that he knows, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep my secret from the other Hunters much longer.

When things unravel, my surprise becomes shock as secrets older than me are revealed and I’m in a race for not only answers, but solutions, before its too late.


Coming 10 August 2021