Scandal, Melody Calder, Butterdragons

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Selena is content with where she is in life. A college-aged son and a high-demand job leave her with little time for a social life, and she is okay with that.

Determined to get her out more before he heads off to school, her son sets up a dating app, positive that it will help make her happier. One accidental swipe leads her to a man half her age, one that she knows she has no business dating, but can’t resist her curiosity.

The man is determined to make her fall for him. Convince her that their age has nothing to do with the chemistry they share as he inserts himself in her life.

When she finally gives in, he shows her a world she never knew existed. Never imagined she needed.
Their secret escapades can only stay hidden for so long. When they unexpectedly become the center of controversy, will their relationship survive?


Coming 21 September 2021