Raven's Wrath

Raven's Wrath, raven's wrath, Isobella Dunn, Butterdragons

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Growing up we all heard tales that were meant to us teach a lesson. You know, the kind that have morals that you are supposed to learn from because of what had happened in the past? Show kindness, respect your elders, that kind of thing.

While I learned from them, I thought that was all they were. Stories.

Out on a daily patrol of the park, I quickly learned they were much more than that. They were history, and we needed to learn from our past if we were going to have a hope for a future.

Thrust together with a man I both desired and knew I couldn’t have, I knew we needed to figure out a way to work together to ensure the future of not only my tribe, but his. Would we both be able to overcome our stubborn pride and do what needed to be done, despite our vastly different opinions on things? Or would we ignore the lessons of our ancestors, and follow the same path of destruction others had?


Coming 12 October 2021