Letters to You


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Sometimes love is true. And losing it means losing everything…

Melanie and Alex meet by accident – literally – and their ensuing whirlwind romance soon blossoms into the love of a lifetime. But disaster hits their happy world when Alex falls fatally ill. He concocts the perfect plan to help his love move on, but things don’t quite work out the way he intended.

When the inevitable happens, Melanie’s grief is overwhelming and she falls deep into depression. The only things keeping her going are memories of a life she can’t get back, and finding the messages Alex left her. Instead of helping her, his words become an addiction Melanie cannot shake. Her need to be close to him turns to obsession and lets her spiral ever further into a world filled with devastation, longing, and agony.
Will Melanie be able to find enough strength to move on before she loses herself, or is her personal loss too much for her to bear?


Coming 4 April 2023