As the Snow Falls

As the Snow Falls, Isobella Dunn, Butterdragons


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A small ski-resort town left little in the way of jobs. You either worked at the resort, or you worked around town. Either way, you were left catering to the rich that poured in every season. Despite her lack of enthusiasm, Grace opted for a job at the resort, after all, with her clumsiness, it was better than waiting tables. She needed to save for a new car, and the fresh air would be good for her, right?

Set to take over his families business Cade decided that working for a season with the crews would help him be a better employer, better understand the ins and outs of the operation. What he hadn’t bargained on was being put to work with a feisty brunette that made him think of much more than boardrooms and budgets.

When Grace was given a new position on the ski lifts, she was prepared for the worst. She certainly hadn’t expected to find an incredibly sexy partner waiting for her. He was as irritating as he was intriguing, and despite her lack of filter, he took it all in stride.

During a routine morning check of the slopes, an unexpected avalanche thrusts the two of them together closer than either was prepared for. As the snow falls will they be thrust into each others arms, or will untold secrets tear them apart?


Coming 13 December 2022